Nina Van Rompaey was born in Kazakhstan (Central Asia) and is of half Russian, half Kazak origin. She grew up influenced by different cultures, languages and ethnicities, which taught her to be open minded, social and always ready to learn and discover something new.

Since a young age, she had a lot of energy and a very vivid imagination - which was the first step towards her acting career. She followed ballet and theatre classes as a child and acted in various school plays.

At the age of eleven she moved to Europe (Belgium) with her mother. There she continued following dance and art classes and developing her passion for the performing arts.

As a teenager, Nina started working as a model and booking different TV-commercials. It was a great learning experience that made her discover her love for the camera. From then on it was a natural progress to start working on TV shows and films.

As an actress, Nina is always enthusiastic to work on interesting projects and to transform in different kinds of characters. She loves to observe people and always strives to create a truthful and precise way of being, for each character she portrays.

“Acting is nothing more or less than playing. The idea is to humanize life. “ (George Eliot)

About - Nina Van Rompaey